Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes that are Simple and Delicious

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes that are Simple and Delicious. Thanksgiving leftovers are often plentiful, and all these recipes may help you find fresh and exciting methods of using them up.

Most years, Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes that are Simple and Delicious prove to be a home cook’s worst nightmare. Even I, a self-proclaimed leftovers connoisseur, will grow bored of eating the same meals for days on end. Despite this, my family and I still cry anytime we have had to throw away food we really can not finish. This collection is for you but if you’re seeking fresh and exciting ways to use up your leftovers. Up to three months inside the freezer, or around 4 days at room temperature.

Excess holiday dishes, whether savory or sweet, may be transformed into fresh, delectable recipes that will keep your curiosity stimulated. Your leftover won’t go there to waste in the year and, and you won’t eventually get bored reusing them.

You won’t have had any leftover pumpkin puree or cranberry sauce to bother over. This collection of recipes may assist you to come up with new favorites this may use attempted components.

Including its mulligatawny vibe, the Curried Chicken Soup may find its way into your regular dinner rotation. Vegan Pumpkin Bread not just reuses the pumpkin puree that several people seem to carry into the fresh year, but it also serves as a breakfast or dessert.

Top the pumpkin bread with a scoop of Chai Ice Cream, which is created with the same cinnamon you used to make the pumpkin pie flavor.

It’s possible that this will be the year when you don’t feel compelled to leftovers.

Sandwiches made with hot turkey

I do not even prepare sufficient warm, accessible sandwiches, but whenever I have leftover turkey and gravy, you can bet this dish will be on the table. For the basis of this sandwich, I like sourdough, although whole wheat bread also works nicely.

Pumpkin Bread that is vegan

This spicy pumpkin bread is devoid of dairy and eggs, but not of taste. This recipe yields two warmly spiced delicate pumpkin bread loaves, which is an extra treat. That would be ideal as a present for any friends who survived Black Friday with you.

Pecan Pralines Pies may not be the only way to enjoy pecans. Prepare those buttery pecan sweets with any leftover nuts & give them as a gift.  1/2 of the recipe can be frozen for future candy cravings. 

Helpful hint: breaking up frozen pralines with a rolling pin is a fantastic way to top ice cream.

Canapes made with air-fried cranberry brie are a terrific snack for the day after Thanksgiving, think if you’re trying shopping on Black Friday. Such easy-to-prepare snacks utilize up any leftover cranberry sauce and may be kept at room temperature for up to 2 hours. This makes them ideal for munching on a Friday afternoon.

Pudding made with bread

Bread pudding is a delicious way to use up leftover dinner buns. Allow the bread to remain on the counter overnight, uncovered, before cutting it into 1-inch cubes to use in this recipe. If you have any leftover cranberry sauce, drizzling it on top of the bread pudding before it used using favorites roasting will give it a sweet taste.

Ham, Greens, & Eggs Sandwiches with Grilled Cheese

Each year, we switch entrees. It’s turkey one year and ham the next. These cheesy sandwiches make it simple to use up leftover eggs and bacon that I always manage to splurge. Substitute drained, uncooked collard greens again for spinach.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes that are Simple and Delicious

Soup with Curried Turkey

Now this dinner uses leftovers as well as any apples that were not used in the Thanksgiving dessert. The aromatic curry broth is an excellent way to utilize any leftover turkey bone stock.

The aromatic curry broth is an excellent way to utilize any leftover turkey bone stock.

Shepherd’s Pie with Vegetables

Shepherd’s pie is normally made using leftover baked potatoes, but try making it vegetarian in the year. The plethora of veggies drenched in a rich sauce may make these your go-to shepherd’s pie recipe. Meaty mushrooms stand in for ground beef and the number of veggies coated in a rich sauce may make this your go-to shepherd’s pie dish.

Salad of Wild Rice with Cranberries and Pecans

After Thanksgiving, I’m always drowning in dried cranberries and pecans, but this beautiful side dish allows me to use them in a new manner. Orange peel and lemon juice have a vibrant flavor that goes well with roast beef or perhaps even leftover turkey.

Honey Mustard Sauce with Chicken and Apples

In the year and, apples require a little extra radiance. Make savory recipes with them, such as this one-pot chicken. The honey mustard sauce is indeed a show-stopper, so pair this with a dipping sauce such as steaming white rice or buttered noodles to soak up all of the flavors.

Turkey Pot Pie in Cajun Style

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to turkey pot pie spice, I’m quite strict. Rather than playing it safe, I’ll up the ante by incorporating some Cajun spices into my chicken. Let the good times roll by topping this pot pie with any remaining puff pastry.

Cookies with S’mores

Have just a few extra marshmallows from your sweet potato casserole? Sprinkle them to graham crackers and chocolate-laced cookies for using these up. Tiny marshmallows are preferred, although I’ve been seen to trim ordinary marshmallows reduced to shape in a panic.

Ice Cream with Chai

This year, you won’t be caught with an abundance of unneeded spices. This chai-flavored ice cream has real spices blended in a milk and vanilla ice creamier texture for a cold, creamy homage to chai.

Garlic Aioli on the Ultimate Turkey Club Sandwich

A classic turkey sandwich is a must-have for any Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes that are Simple and Delicious gathering. The robust garlic aioli that’s poured on top makes this one even more outstanding. Do you have any leftover dinner rolls? Instead of ordinary desires, turn these into sliders.

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