Essential Tools For Your Juice Extractor

Essential Tools For Your Juice Extractor It can be frustrating when you are trying to make juice out of your fresh, raw vegetables but the juice doesn’t come out as smooth and pure as you would like it to be. One solution to this problem is using straining bags for juicing. Not only do they help to get the purest juice from your veggies, but they also help to make sure that you don’t over-extract or you will get little vegetables inside the pulp of your fruits. Here’s a simple guide to making these bags for juicing easy and effective.

What are bags for juicing?

They are simply clear plastic bags that have an opening on one end and a tube on the other. When you place the vegetable in the bag, it will be pulled into the tube with your fingers. It will be allowed to pass through this tube to the other end, where it will be extracted and filtered. The filtrate is what is leftover.

Why do you need to strain your vegetables?

When you juice you want to ensure that all of the juice is removed so that you get the most juice from each vegetable. If any juices remain after you have squeezed it out, then it can clog your juicer, causing it to lose its effectiveness and result in you having to go buy another one.

How do you know when to discard a vegetable?

This is something that many people struggle with. You will often find people pushing the button on their juicer, even though the juice is not fully palpable. If you push this button too often you may end up with vegetable pulp and no juice at all.

Why don’t you use something else to strain your vegetable juice then? You can use a cheesecloth or a strainer made from a clean cloth. Many supermarkets sell inexpensive clothes that are very easy to use. They can be found in your deli section or even at your local pharmacy.

How do you clean a juicer then?

You simply throw away the pulp in the trash. Never throw vegetable leaves into a regular juicer again, as they will clog it. The only thing you can use to clean it is a vegetable extractor.

Can you freeze juice then?

Yes, you can. Most juice extractors can handle this, but some of them do not. If you want to freeze your fruits and vegetables, then you will need to buy a commercial freeze & pulp unit.
How much does it cost to use an extractor then?

Usually, it is about three dollars (US). You can usually get these at a department store such as Wal-Mart or Target. You can also buy them online. You can even buy them used, but it might be best to buy new ones if you are buying a used extractor.
How do you clean your juice extractor then?

It is very easy, all you have to do is take it apart. You will see that it comes with a stainless steel fastening ring, so you will not have any problems with rust. The stainless fastening ring will make it easier for you to clean as well.

I have seen people recommend using plastic bags when juicing.

There are several reasons why this is bad. First off, plastic bags will attract bugs and dirt to your juicer, it will even get in the juicer and affect the taste of the juice. If you do decide to use plastic bags, you should only use ones made from natural fiber. These bags are also much more expensive than their counterparts.

Juice Extractor

Do you have trouble with over-ripe fruits and vegetables?

Then you should look into getting a vegetable extractor. A vegetable extractor will allow you to extract juice from green leafy vegetables and even citrus fruits. A vegetable extractor will allow you to do more than just cut up the fruit, it will also allow you to squeeze the juice from lemons, limes, and other fruits that don’t quite fit in your squeezer.

These extractors are very handy and efficient!

Now that you know these two basic pieces of juicing equipment, you should be ready for any juice-related task. Of course, the absolute best part about juicing is that you can drink fresh juice all day every day! But how do you store your drink after you juice it? A straining bag for juicing can come in very handy here. Your juice extractor will let you easily store your drink in a convenient drip cup, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your juice all over the kitchen floor after you juice.

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