Cacao Dark Chocolate Ingredients

Cacao Dark Chocolate Ingredients is a confection of sheer goodness! Each bar is filled with decadent dark chocolate bits that melt in your mouth. These chocolate treats have become extremely popular for a good reason. Each bar contains the following Dove Dark Chocolate Ingredients:

Nutritional Benefits of Cacao Dark Chocolate

The ingredients listed here provide a complete nutritional profile of this delicious treat. With a high level of cocoa and low calories, Dove Dark Chocolate is the perfect snack choice to help you curb your cravings. These chocolate treats make a simply delicious snack or even an ideal snack bar, individually wrapped in an uplifting, inspirational message on the wrapper. You can’t go wrong by investing in a box.

Dove Dark Chocolate preview has ingredients you’ll love. With calories of only seven grams, the bar is not heavy or sugary. So, the ideal snack to whip up during the afternoons, lunchtime, or at dinner. Although a little bit of sugar is included, the nutrition information does list the minimal amount of sugar in the mix. This delicious confection boasts a low-fat percentage of just 18% versus the average of 20%.

For even more energy-packed energy, there is no calorie counting or dietary restrictions. The nutrition facts list the fat in the candy, but there are no words to convince you that fat is wrong or that calories from fats are bad. The perfect sweet candy to sip on and nibble on while watching your favorite TV show. Cacao Dark Chocolate has impressive calories to weight ratio, making it an excellent snack. There are no hidden calories here at just over a gram each, so you get plenty of delicious food without any compensating unhealthy snacks.

The ingredient profile for this fantastic dark chocolate features a combination of carefully selected beans from around the world, including South America’s Machuca berry, along with the more recently discovered Brazilian cherry. Machuca and Brazilian cherries contain a large number of fibers, as well as antioxidants. Both ingredients are beneficial health, as well as helping to give you an energy boost throughout the day.

Did you know that this is not the first time we’ve seen the name of Cacao on the ingredients label? 

They are one of the top manufacturers in the chocolate field. And they are named as such on all of their products, including their line of dark chocolate bars. Just like with the Canada Chocolate brand, Dove has chosen to use high-quality ingredients. You can feel confident that you are getting your money’s worth when you buy these chocolates.

Cacao Dark Chocolate Ingredients

The Cacao Dark Chocolate Ingredients list for this decadent confection boasts eight different cocoa powders, two nuts, four milk brands, two types of cream fillings (cream cheese and yogurt), and two types of sweeteners. You’ll also discover that each bar contains a generous helping of dark chocolate pieces. Dove is a name you know and love, so it’s easy to trust in their quality. Each bar consists of eighty-five grams of smooth chocolate, which is considered one ounce of chocolate. This delicious smoothie is one of the most delicious desserts you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying.

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